A resource bank containing sample contracts and other documents organized around practice areas.

Real Property sales contract

A contract describing the conditions of the transfer of title of ownership to a property, real or personal.

Purchase offer



An offer made in response to the of an offer, in which the offerre states the conditions based on which he/she is willing to sell the property.

Acceptance of purchase offer


Rejection of offer

A document in which a recipient of an offer states that conditions of the offer are not acceptable to him/her and, therefore, he/she does not wish to enter into a contract of sales

Purchase offer template


Sellers declaration


Consent to registration

The ultimate consent of the seller to register the title of ownerhsip ofthe buyer in the land register.

Eviction notice


Acknowledgement of receipt of funds


Acknowledgement of receipt

A written verification that money or goods have been received or services have been provided.

Record of delivery

A written document recoding the delivery of a real property

Residential lease contract


Notice of overdue rent

A notice directed at a tenant who has not paid the rent for some time, which is technically called default of payment.

Eviction notice

A notice directed at the tenant inform him/her that conditions of the lease have been violated and the duration of time open for curing it.

Inquiry about lease


Deed of easement


Deed of donation inter vivos


Notice of eviction


Rejection of claim

A letter in which a person states that he/she does not owe any money to the person making such allegation.

Offer for property purchase

A document in which a potential buyer of property specifies the sum for which he/she is willing to enter into the transaction.

Rejection of business proposal

A statement that someone does not wish to do business with another person with the conditions specified in the letter intiating such contact .