About us and our legal English courses

I am fully satisfied with the course, it surpassed my expectations. It should rather be called legal education than a language course. I enjoyed listening to the teacher very much. I will make every effort to come next time.

Helga Gulyás-Perisic, J.D., Chief Legal Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline Kft.

I liked the course very much, the atmosphere was great and we learnt a lot in great details. I also appreciated that we could discuss points where there were disagreements.

Orsolya Horváth, J.D., Legal Counsel, WebEye International Kft.

This was the second course. It also fully complied with my expectations. I can use the material that we have studied during my daily work. It was good to do lots of exercises because it enabled me to learn on top of work and caring of my children. I especilly appreciate your knowledge of the field, as well as your supportive approach.

Zsófia Hermány, J.D., Junior Legal Counsel, Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

The course surpassed my expectations. It was very efficient. Despite a very tight schedule, I could learn the materials thorugh the repetitive structure of the course and the numerous exercises.

László Galuska, Purchasing Manager, Jabil Circuit Magyarország Kft.

Thank you again for the training programme. I found it extremely useful. I liked the professional presentation of the materials and I appreciate that you have demonstrated a deep knowledge of the field.

Szabina Söptei, J.D., Legal Trainee, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

I liked the course very much. It gave an overall understanding of the subjects of law of probate and trusts and the related property issues.

Éva Szénási, J.D., Legal Trainee, Clifford Chance LLP