Our mission

Our mission is to provide flexible, cost-efficient and high-quality solutions to lawyers, translators and other professionals. ANGLOFON STUDIO has been landed by a number of exigent customers for the accuracy and flexibility of its services, in addition to dedication and project skills.


ANGLOFON STUDIO was established in 1996 as an office for translation services, mainly in the English language, with the primary objective of relaying the services of its founders. The company has quickly gained recognition for the quality of its services in numerous sectors. In 2000 the business activity of ANGLOFON STUDIO was extended to teaching legal English. In recent years, ANGLOFON STUDIO has become a market leader in this field.

Legal English

ANGLOFON STUDIO is a leading legal English teaching company in Europe. Our courses in our Budapest headquarters are mainly visited by local legal professionals. Our two days seminars are also visited by students from many countries. Our webinars are followed by a large international clientele from five continents. The electronic contract drafting and letter writing courses can also be completed without any geographical constraints through the Internet.


ANGLOFON STUDIO is a major player in the translation industry in the CEE region. The company has been engaged by several sectors of the government, including the Prime Minister's Office, the Office of the National Assembly, the National Council of Justice, the State Audit Office, several ministries. Clients from the private sector include several of the largest companies of the world, as well as a huge number of law firms.