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• have a basis that your future improvement can be compared with,

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The benefits of Anglofon assessment methods

  • Instead of a simple scoring system, your knowledge is measured from different aspects
  • You can assess both your General and Legal English knowledge
  • Reliable testing method with proven accuracy
  • Immediate results available by one click
  • Highest possible efficiency though the electronic platform
  • Possibility to compare test results after a term of study

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Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to register on the website for the tests?

Yes, you need to register for doing the assessment test. We cannot store your data, even temporarily, without your consent to it. Please click on “Register” in the rolldown menu in the top right corner of this website. If you have already registered, please log in to our website at the “Login” in the rolldown menu in the top right corner. Use the “Forgot Pass” function if you don’t remember your password.

2. Will you store the data related to my knowledge of English?

Yes, we need to store data for measuring progress, so that we can compare your previous results with those you reached after completing a development programme offered to you. For this, we need to store sensitive information regarding your English language knowledge. Please note that our data controlling activity is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For further information please read our Privacy and Data Controlling Policy.

3. Where do I see my results?

You can see your results by choosing „MyProgress” in the rolldown menu in the top right corner of this website. You will see your results in a table format, divided by the levels on the vertical axis and the aspects of your English on the horizontal axis. Of course, you will also see the total expressed in scores, but the real added value of this method lies in the detailed and structured profile of your English language knowledge.

4. How long does this assessment process take?

If you want to have a complete profile of your English language knowledge, then we have to do a complete measuring. This process takes some time, between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of test.

5. What happens if I don’t have time to finish the test?

If you suspend the testing process, you can resume at any time. Your results will be stored in our system subject to your consent to handling your personal data. Go back to the same link and continue with the test you have not finished. If you use the website for the first time, the incomplete tests will be displayed in green, while the ones you have completed will be displayed in blue, unless the settings of your browsed is different.

6. Which aspects of my English knowledge do you test?

Anglofon Studio offers a legal English assessment tests to create a complete and accurate profile of your legal English knowledge. By completing the following tests, registered users will get a detailed profile of their level of legal English subdivided by skill areas, with special regard to the following areas:

Proper use of legal terminology

It includes the legal terms of art, as well as other words used in legal texts. In summary, it reflects the general understanding of the law-related issues. The thorough knowledge of these terms are indispensable for using legal English language. If you don’t reach high scores in this area, you will need a systematic study of legal English terminology.

Accuracy in using Legal English

This section will assess the use of grammatical rules, ability to avoid frequent errors, differentiating between easily confused words, understanding the language phenomena characteristic of legal writing. If you score low in accuracy, you will need to gain practice in the grammar and usage of legal text. Our web-based exercise will fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Contract drafting skills

The assessment of drafting skills shows whether you have gained experience in creating legal texts after learning the terms and using appropriate grammar. These are the skill that differentiate between learners and practicing professionals. It concerns phraseology rather than terminology. If you detect any room for improvement, our drafting exercises contain adequate response to your needs.

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