This page contains a collection of exercises related to Legal English. You can test your knowledge of Legal English in various aspects, including your terminology, accuracy and drafting skills. You can find an increasing number of tests for developing your knowledge in specific fields.

Legal English terminology

The use of the precise legal English terminology lies in the heart of legal English studies. Without the proper use of the terms, no one will be able to produce any document or draft a correct legal document in English. Therefore, we recommend learning Legal English with terminology. Each of the following exercise will practice a different aspect of of legal English vocabulary and teminology.

Legal English accuracy

Even if you use correct terminology, the legal English documents will only be acceptable if they are accurate in every aspect. You will find exercises for the consistent application of grammatical rules, as well as the proper usage of key words and collocations of legal English.
Students successfully completing the tests can be confident that they will be able to produce cutting-edge legal documents..


Legal English drafting skills

The knowledge of legal English drafting conventions are necessary for you to able to draft contracts and other documents conforming to international practice. We have analysed the functional elements of legal English. These elements are then presented in an easy-to-understand form. Using these elemental examples, students can create their own legally drafted documents in the most effective form.

Legal English communication skills

How can one learn communication through a website? It is surely advisable to join a class or particiapte a training programme, but certain aspects can be improved also by using web-based exercises. This resource bank can be used for developing various aspects of your legal English communication skills also while you are on the go.


Legal English letter writing skills

We put special emphasis on developing your letter writing skills. It is commonplace that lawyers draft lots of contracts, but they write even more letters in the process of making those contracts that they draft. This link will take you to lots of these exercises for practicing letter writing skills.