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Our 15-year experience in the field of teaching Legal English shows that there is a growing number of people with the strong desire to improve their drafting skills, but not all have the time to actually attend classroom training. If you work at a strict schedule and would prefer learning at your own pace from your home, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

These courses aim to help people under time pressure and satisfy their need for learning Legal English by providing an easy and effective alternative: a customized online learning course where they can acquire the terminology of the different fields, while improving their accuracy, vocabulary and contract drafting skills at the same time. Join a legal English e-course now!

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  1. Do you need a structured summary of the terminology of different fields?
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Petz András
Legal English Instructor

Introduction into the terminology of contracts for sale and work


The first course provides a general overview of the terminology and usage of the contracts most frequently used in the legal practice. It covers contracts related to property transactions, various services as well as employment. This is the first step towards our ultimate goal of being masters in contract drafting.


Introduction into the terminology of business contracts


The second course gives insight into contracts used in the operation of businesses, including the field of banking, insurance and business associations. After covering the basic terms, we continue to develop drafting skills in the pursuit of excelling in contract drafting.