A resource bank containing sample contracts and other documents organized around practice areas.

Employment contract

An agreement between employer and employee which regulates the conditions of employment in compliance with the effective labour laws.

Employment contract template


Job Description

A document, often attached to the employment contract, which describes the specification of a job.

Infor mation to employee
Notice of misconduct

A letter in which the employer informs the employee that his/her conduct has fallen short of the required standard.

Notice of termination due to work rules viola


Notice of termination by employee

An official letter in which the employer informs the employee that his/her employment is terminated.

Notice of temrination due to downsizing

A letter in which employers inform employees of the fact that the business needs to reduce the number of employees due to some economic hardship experienced by the company.

Notice of resignation from office

A letter in which an employee notifies the employer of his/her intention to terminate the emloyment.

Acceptance of resignation

A document in which the employee acknowledge the resignation of the employee to take effect at the date specified in the document.

Motivation letter

A letter attached to a CV in which the employee justifies his/her aptitude and gives further information about his/her intention to work.

Confirmation of interview attendance

A notice by a candidate to the employer's representative in charge of human resources of his/her intention to attend the planned interview.

Rejection of job offer

Rejection of job application

A letter sent by the employer, or its employee in charge of human resources, in which applicants are informed that their job applications have been rejected.

Resignation letter

Document used to inform an employee that he/she has been promoted to a new position in an organization.