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Job title: Chief Legal Counsel
Purpose of the job: performing the full-scale legal support function for the company
Direct report: General Manager
Subordinates: legal counsels

The duties and responsibilities of the Employee include the following:
managing the work of the Legal Department,
exercising employer’s rights over the employees at the Legal Department,
interpreting various laws, including but not limited to civil law, and legal rules and regulations related to any other legal field, as required,
advising the management of the company regarding business transactions involving stockholders, officers, directors and internal affairs and corporate relations,
preparing legal opinions, working out strategy for legal disputes, with special respect to labour disputes,
representing the company in legal actions before courts and other authorities,
maintaining relationship with external supervisory bodies and authorities,
providing information to third parties on the business activity of the Company,
participating in elaborating corporate policies and regulations,
preparing and entering into collective bargaining agreements,
participating in negotiations with trade unions,
preparing contracts related to business transactions and other documents,
conducting legal research in fields related to the business activity of the company,
serving as a secretary at general meetings of shareholders and board meetings.

In addition to the above, Employee shall perform any other tasks as may be designated by the Board in writing, unless such instructions conflict with the legal rules.

law degree (JD)
excellent command of general and legal English
excellent oral and written communication skills,
excellent interpersonal skills and ability to deal effectively with all levels of personnel,
ability to work independently under pressure,
ability to handle a wide variety of matters.