Introduction into the terminology of contracts for sale and work

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General description

Let’s begin your Legal English studies! Even if you have studied Legal English before, we strongly recommend you to complete this course to avoid missing the most essential terms and phrases.

The course provides insights into the terminology of contracts for sale and work in detail, including the field of property transactions, contracting and employment. The aim of the course is to help you in your way of achieving excellency in contract drafting by allowing you to learn from home, without any time limitations with the help of tried-and-true methods.

The next course starts at 15 October, 2015.

Schedule of the course

The lessons of the course will be sent to you on a weekly basis for 12 weeks, but there is an option to speed up the course if you would like it to be more intensive. Each field of law is divided into 4 lessons and is structured in a way to improve your knowledge of the relevant terminology, your vocabulary, accuracy and drafting skills at the same time.


Five reasons for joining

  • I need to understand English language contracts and other legal documents.
  • I want to be able to work independently in English without need for a translator.
  • I only have intermediate level English and only limited legal english knowledge.
  • I want to take a legal English exam and this is the first step towards that goal.
  • I need to have a competitive edge to distinguish myself from other legal professionals.

Course content

  • Summary of the most important features of legal English
  • Basic terminology of property transactions
  • Terms related to contracts for services
  • Terms used in employment law
  • Basic concepts of lending
  • General concpts of business law
  • Differentiating between easily confused words
  • Standard contract provisions used in English language contracts

Contracts and other documents covered

Contracts for property-related transactions

  • Real Property Sales Contract
  • Lease Agreement

Contracts for various types of services

  • Contracting Agreement
  • Agency Contract

Employment-related contracts and other documents

  • Employment Contract
  • Job Description


Lesson No. Topic Description Materials

1 Initial skills assessment
Course outline
The first lesson will provide an outline of the Introduction into the Terminology of Contracts for Sale and Lease. We also define the contracts to be dealt with during the course, as well as the parties thereto. Contract and parties

2 Property transactions We look into the subject of property sale and lease in general and understand some basic principles of contract language. Property transactions

3 Sales Contract I. After an initial insight into the subject, we continue with a real life sales contract. The lesson will cover the first part. Real property sales contract 1.

4 Sales contract II. We continue with the second part of the sales contract, where the most typical legal concepts found in property transactions will be covered. Real property sales contract 2.

5 Lease contract This session covers an excerpt of a Lease Contract. Through the contract we also learn some basic property-related concepts. Lease agreement

6 Contracts for services We continue with contracts aiming at providing various services along with agency contracts. The objective of the lesson is a general understanding of the field. Contracts for services

7 Contracting agreement I. Now, we go into the first part of a Contracting Agreement. As this contract follows the structure of the Anglo-American pattern, we also look at some contract drafting principles of the common law world.
Contracting agreement 1.

8 Contracting agreement II. We continue with teh second part of the contracting agreement, where numerous concept of key importance will be covered. Contracting agreement 2

9 Agency contract We continue with agency contracts. At this point, our students will start working on contract phrases and sentences based on samples. Aided drafting exercies will give them confidence in using legal English in real life documents. Agency contract

10 Employment and labour By looking into the field of employment and labour, we will understand the key concepts of this field. Your reading comprehension skills will also be tested. Employment and labour

11 Employment contract I. The next document is an Employment Contract. The discussion of labour issues will allow us to look into some key legal issues not dealt with only in employment law but generally in all fields. Employment contract 1.

12 Employment contract II. The second part of the Employment Contract will focus our attention on some general concepts also applied in employment contracts. Employment contract 2.

13 Job Description We will use a sample job description to immerse into drafting exercices in the field of employment and beyond. You will surely be master drafters.
Job description

14 Standard clauses The contract covered earlier includes so called standard clauses. This lesson is designated to learn how to draft these clauses. -

15 Final test and evaluation Having completed your first legal English e-learning course, get ready for an assessment of your freshly acquired knowledge. -

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