Test your legal English drafting skills

Rich collection of exercises to practice and test your legal English drafting skills

The knowledge of legal English drafting conventions are necessary for you to able to draft contracts and other documents conforming to international practice. Click on the free tests to practice your drafting skill immediately or subscribe for a large collection of legal English exercises.

Basic legal phrases - B2

Legal English is characteristic of using standard phrases. Are you familiar with them?

How to draft a lease contract - B2

This is taken from a sample residential lease contract. Please note that you have two good choices.

Drafting a complaint - C1

One of my best friends suffered an accident one morning. This is a complaint to claim damages for his injuries. Insert the terms in the green box to the right place.

Insert terms into sales contracts - B2

This test aims to practice the terminology of real property sales contracts. Your task is to drag the words in the light green boxes to their places in the text.

Drafting agency agreement - B2

Continue with another exercise and find the best place of each word in the green box in the sentence taken from an agency contract.

Choose ending of parties-or-er - B2

Determine whether the designation fo the following persons end with "-or" or "-er"

Time and money expessions - B2

This is an exercise for practicing expressions with the term "time". Insert the appropriate term to create a time expression as guided.

Test your legal English style - C2

Test your legal English style for the use of plain versus archaic English. Choose between the following options. The higher score you achieve the more archaic your drafting style is.

Drafting_employment agreement - B2

If you find the right place for a word in a sentence, next time you will be able to use it correctly in the sentence you write.

Choose the appropriate verb - B2

IN this exercise, you will find phrases of corporate documents. Choose the appropriate verbs. You have TWO choices.

Severability - C1

Choose the term(s) which which fit in the blank space. You have one or two choices.

Notice of Meeting - C1

This test aims at practicing the most common words used in a notice of a corporate meeting. Choose the best term.

Drafting a notice of termination - B2

The following excerpts are taken from a notice of termination. Drag the terms in the green boxes into the right place to form a correct sentence.

Choose the term in Mortgage contract - B2

Choose the appropriate term.

Trademark licence agreement - C1

Choose the appropriate term.

Excerpts from court files - C1

This is a simple exercise to learn the basics of preparing complaints. Insert the appropriate terms into the excepts.

Description of civil actions - B2

This is a simple exercise to learn the basics of preparing complaints. Insert the appropriate terms into the excepts.

Work for hire agreement - C1


Choose two appropriate terms - C1