Test your legal English style for the use of plain versus archaic English. Choose between the following options. The higher score you achieve the more archaic your drafting style is.

In certain cases, land and improvements _____ may be owned by different persons.
on the land
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The trial is initiated by the plaintiff by alleging ________.
that a wrong has been committed
the commission of a wrong
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There are other means of obtaining justice, ________ alternative dispute resolution methods.
amongst them
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______ requirements of filing a complaint comprises an impediment.
Failure to fulfil the
The lack of the fulfilment of
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Inventors may be granted a patent _________ a new solution to a technical problem.
to protect
for the protection of
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An easement per se may not be _________.
subject to transfer
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A contract may also be terminated ______.
by unilateral act
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A record of the marriage is prepared by _____ a marriage certificate.
the filing of
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The man who is married to the mother at or ______ the time of conception is presumed to be the father of the child.
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A divorcing couple may agree on their family matters. __________ the court will make the appropriate decisions.
If there is no such agreement,
In the lack of such agreement,
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__________ the estate passes to their inheritors.
When someone dies,
Upon the death of a person,
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A charge is a responsibility which _________ a property.
is attached to
runs with
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A spouse not living with the decedent ______ will not inherit.
when the probate proceeding starts
at the time of the commencement of the probate proceeding
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When a court may proceed in a legal dispute and render decisions _____, it is said to have jurisdiction.
in that dispute,
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A good faith purchaser for value acquires title to property ______.
no matter who the previous owner was
without prejudice to the previous owner
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An easement holder may demand the possessor of the servient property to refrain from rightful conduct ________from the owner’s right.
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Forum convenience means that in all matters where exclusive jurisdiction is not bestowed on another court, the plaintiff can commence actions ________.
in those matters
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While the exercise of an easement shall always be free of charge,
it may cost something to establish one.
the establishment thereof may be for consideration.
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A contract _____ be interpreted in accordance with the plain meaning of the words.
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If a contract is terminated, all obligations which ______ are discharged, but any right based on prior breach or performance survives.
have not yet been executed
are still executory
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