This exercise helps you match the opening salutation with the closing courtesy. After doing the exercise, review the key and register the proper use.

participants of a conference
the colleague working next door
those who do not close the bathroom door
shareholders of company

Dear Peter,
To Whom It May Concern
Notice of Meeting
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a law firm circular on new billing policy
those who attend the party on Saturday
members of the board of directors
the attendants of the seminar

Dear Associates,
Dear all,
Dear board members
Dear Ladies/Gentlemen,
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the court clerk who signed the summons
your best friend
law school director
the person deciding on a tender

Dear Director Jones,
Dear Madam Clerk,
Dear Sir,
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those who are invited to business meeting
students of a university group
persons using the printer
the invitees of a buffet luncheon

Dear Students,
Dear All,
Dear Ladies/Gentlemen,
printer notice
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those who visited the hospital on a certain day
the members of the board of
the IT specialist of your company
those who use the underground parking lot

To Whom It May Concern
Dear Directors,
Hi John,
Parking notice
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President of the Bar Association
Congratulation to the childbirth of your colleage
members of the association
Ambassadress of Chile

Dear John,
Dear Madam Ambassadress,
Dear President Lukas,
Dear all,
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