Terminology of Civil Law

A concise summary of the concepts of Civil Law in English

Build your knowledge of Legal English terminology with our concise book on the terminology of Civil Law.

As a person dealing with English language legal documents, you frequently encounter problems arising from legal texts relating to Civil Law concepts.

It is because Legal English terms originate from the Common Law, legal system of Anglo-American countries, which was developed by judges through court decisions. But your practice is based on the continental legal system, which originates from Roman law.

Therefore, the use of Common Law terms are often inadequate to describe legal concepts of Roman law-based Civil Law. The explanations prepared by English or American lawyers are simply not appropriate for your daily work.

What this book offers

  • Issues that you deal with on a daily basis in your legal practice, but you have not had a source to consult
  • Clarification of the confusion you always wanted to work out but you never had the time
  • Topics that you have an instinctive grasp on, but you never found occasion to describe even for yourself
  • Solutions to issues you were always struggling with, sometimes even causing sleepless nights
  • Answers that you had on the tip of your tongue but you could never articulate
  • Discussion of the problem areas that need to be structured for a Civil Law practitioner to fully understand

"This book is essential reading for any lawyer working in an international context. Although English is indisputably the global language, English law is not the global law. So how do you use the language of the Common Law to explain concepts grounded in Roman law? This book’s clear and simple explanations and effective online exercises tackle this question head on and provide the best solution that I have seen to this thorny problem."

Barnaby Harward Legal Editor CMS-Cameron McKenna LLP Poland

"Legal practitioners, language teachers, translators and interpreters alike had waited long for such detailed and complex reference material and Terminology of Civil Law finally fills this gap. What makes this book all the more desirable is the attempt to cover those grey areas that are so easily overlooked or simply misunderstood. It is a treasure trove of common issues, questions and answers legal professionals may run into but are too busy to research or don't know where to look. Big thanks to the authors and Anglofon Studio for this exceptionally valuable resource!"

Ildiko Santana Legal Translator California

"For a long time I have needed and been looking for a comprehensive resource that deals with Civil Law terms in English. My search is now over. Thanks to this book, I am able to deliver higher quality lessons to my students and motivate them through material relevant to them. Congratulations to Anglofon Studio and András Petz for this outstanding product which understands the needs of the busy Civil Law practitioner or student. "

Martin Ernest Udall Managing director The Legal and Business Institute, Prague Czech Republic


Books are often promoted with a promise that you will find something easy to read. Terminology of Civil Law is not intended to be an easy read. Rather, it is a condensed summary of what every legal practitioner, law student or even translator needs to know for a more-than-basic understanding of the concepts of the Civil Law.

My promise is that you will find answers to your questions you have been asking since you drafted your first legal English document. Your satisfacton will culminate when you find the exercises on the website with practical exercises on the problems you frequently encounter.

Have a nice journey on your way to excellence!

Petz András
Legal English Tutor

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