Should you need any further information, please do not__________
anticipate to contact me
delay in contacting me
hesitate to contact me
wait to contact me
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I look forward to__________
seeing you at the meeting.
meeting you at the meeting.
see you at the meeting.
meet you at the meeting.
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I would appreciate your __________
at once attention to this matter.
quickly attention to this matter.
fast attention to this matter.
immediate attention to this matter.
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Please__________ that your comments will be read with interest.
give assurance
confirm security
rest assured
take desposit
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Once again, allow us to congratulate you __________
of your promotion.
to your promotion.
for your promotion.
on your promotion.
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I apologize__________ our system failure might have caused you.
on the trouble
for the inconvinience
at the problem
to the issue
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Please find __________ the agenda of the meeting.
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We expect to __________you in the near future.
hear from
listen of
inquire about
ask for
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May I __________ you to contact us to discuss the next steps?
nicely question
kindly ask
regretably inquire
gladly respect
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We __________ it if you could forward us the heads of terms as soon as possible.
could anticpate
may accept
would appreciate
will advocate
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