A resource bank containing sample contracts and other documents organized around practice areas.

Construction contract

A contract for the construction of a structure of various kind, including a building or any structure of permanent nature.

Price Quotation

A document in which the contractor informs the client of the price of the works or services to be performed.

Acceptance of proposal

A document in which a client accepts the proposal made by a contractor or supplier to perform something for a certain price.

Bid Rejection

A letter sent by the client to tenders who were rejected in the subject process.

Contract award letter

A letter informing the winning tenderer of the decision of the client of its choice.

Notice of Extension of Deadline

A notice sent by the contractor that the completion of the works are expected to delay.

Acceptance of proposed changes

A document issued by the client giving consent to and also ordering the changes proposed by the contractor.

Certificate of performance

A document issued by the client specifying the works or services performed by contractor and accepted by client.

Demand letter

A formal notice to pay a debt, usually with a reference to the ensuing legal actions if the payment is not made.

Performance bond

Performance bonds guarantee that work agreed to will be completed.