Collection letter

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Collection letter

titl-coll-lett Date: To: [name and address of debtor] Re: Your account with [name of company] Dear [name of debtor], Your delinquent account with [company name] has been referred to my office for collection. You are currently several payments behind on the above referenced account. I have been instructed to bring legal action against you as may be necessary, which may result in levies against your property or other assets after judgment. The file indicates that you have failed or refused to pay the above claim even though it appears just, owing, and correct. You are hereby further advised that if payment is not received within [period of time] of the date of this letter, suit in small claims court may be commenced against you forthwith and without further notice for the amount indicated above, together with prejudgment interest. Instead of small claims court, this matter may be referred to our attorney for suit in municipal court.  As I am sure you are aware, if this matter goes to suit, all court costs, process server's fees, sheriff's fees, attorney fees where permitted, and other post judgment costs will be added to the amount that you already owe. You can avoid the unnecessary inconvenience and added expenses of a lawsuit by making immediate payment to us within [period of time]. Sincerely, [signature] Collections Manager