One Minute of Legal English: Drafting Construction Contracts

Today's entry will present you a quiz on the terminology of construction contracts. However, there is a slight twist in the exercise: instead of the standard single choice exercise, here we present you the entire document in one block. There are several points in the text, where there are four possible options regarding legal terminology, general vocabulary, grammar or style and in each case, two options are correct from the four.

Your task is to choose two good options out of the four by simply clicking on the good one. They will be highlighted in gray. You can use the right arrow to move on to the next problematic point.
After making all your choices in each word group, click on „show result” to display the correct answers. Review the contract once again to check the correctness of your choices. Use the arrows also in this round to move the green box.

We hope you found this tool useful and managed to improve your knowledge of construction contracts. Should you have any further questions or remark regarding the topic, feel free to ask them in the comments' sections.

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