Difference between provisional acceptance and final acceptance

Acceptance is a term that is widely used in legal texts. Today, we would like to explain how it is used in one of the most common fields: construction.

In the construction industry, the process of acceptance is more complex than a single act due to the complexity of projects. The process is divided into two basic steps:

1. Provisional Acceptance

Provisional Acceptance is a conditional acceptance which means that the client has accepted the project but performance needs to be verified or confirmed under operational conditions within an agreed period. The client issues a Provisional Acceptance Certificate to evidence this step. This is when the warranty period starts.

2. Final Acceptance

The Final Acceptance is when the final condition of the completed work is verified or confirmed, which usually takes place after the necessary tests have run. if any defect or deficiency is identified, the contractor has to make corrections. This is also the end of the warranty period. After this date, the contractor has limited liability for the operation of the facility, depending, of course, on the applicable laws and the agreement of the parties.

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