You want to know why something is funny
Why so funny this is?
What is the fun aspect?
What's fun in this?
What’s the punchline?
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You want to know how likely that the tax administration will conduct an audit?
What is the opportunity of a tax audit?
What are the odds of a tax audit?
How much likely to have a tax audit
What possibility is a tax audit?
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You want to know how much a custodian has to exercise care.
What is the degree of care of the custodian?
How much care should a custodian exercise?
What is the order of care of a custodian?
What is a custodian's care?
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You want to know how you should dress.
What code applies to dressing?
What dress should be worn?
What dress is mandatory?
What’s the dress code?
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How much is the website complete?
What is the level of completion?
What is the completion state?
What's the degree of completion of the website?
How far is the website completed?
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You want to know the maximum amount that you owe for a wrong cause.
To what extent am I liable?
What is my degree of liability?
What is the order of liability?
How much is the liability restricted?
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