Test your legal English terminology

Rich collection of exercises to practice and test your knowledge of legal English terminology

The most important aspect of Legal English is the use of the right terminology. Click on the free exercises to practice your understanding of legal terms in English. Subscribe for a vast collection fo legal English exercises.

Basic legal terms - B1

A basic level test for some of the easiest legal terms. Check your basic understanding of the fundemental legal terms.

Legal systems - B1

A test to assess your level of knowledge of very basic legal terms related to the differences between legal systems.

Basic criminal law terms

Check your knowledge of the most fundamental terms related to criminal law.

Court proceedings - B2

Take an imaginary look around the courtroom and test your knowledge of basic expressions related to court proceedings.

Naming contracting parties - B2

How do you name parties to various contracts? If you don't, download an e-book to learn the basic terms.

Contract types - B2

This test will assess knowledge of the name of the most frequently used contracts. It also takes you to an e-book, if you don't know.

Terms ending in "-er" és "-or" - C1

It is sometimes difficult to tell how legal terms denoting parties to legal relationships end. Can you do it?

Business basic terms - B1

Matching parties - B2

Match the parties according to the contractual relationship between them. If you match them correctly, you will find two parties to the same contract in each line.

Choose employment terms - B2

This is test for the general overview of the basic employment-related expressions. Test your knowledge of employment terminology.

Match the collocations - B2

One last in the series: match the terms on the right with those on the left to practice your knowledge.

Sequence in phrases in property sales - B2

From this exercise, you will learn how to draft certain phrases typically used in real property sales contracts. Set the right sequence to arrive at the correct phrases.

Insert words lending contract types - B2

Choose business terms - B2

In the following sentences you will find general statements about businesses. Fill in the terms that best fit the context.

Multiple choice amounts in property transactions - B2

In this exercise, you will have to choose terms denoting various amounts exchanged in property transactions. You have TWO different options.

Key terms in property sales - B2

This test is designed to review the key terms of a real property sales contract. Choose the most appropriate term.

Advanced terms - Property Law - C2

This is an advanced test, focusing on the main concepts of property law. Choose the most appropriate term.