Test your legal English drafting skills

Rich collection of exercises to practice and test your legal English drafting skills

The knowledge of legal English drafting conventions are necessary for you to able to draft contracts and other documents conforming to international practice. Click on the free tests to practice your drafting skill immediately or subscribe for a large collection of legal English exercises.

Basic legal phrases - B2

Legal English is characteristic of using standard phrases. Are you familiar with them?

Letter to a client - B2

This test is designed to asses your ability to writing letters to client. Do you possess basic drafting skills?

Letter writing phrases

Check your letter writing skills by finding the most appropriate phrases in this test.

How to draft a lease contract - B2

This is taken from a sample residential lease contract. Please note that you have two good choices.

Insert verbs into notices - B2

This exercise is created to practice letter writing following the samples in the study materials. Insert the terms in the green field into their right place.

Personal intro - B1

This set contains sentences you are likely to use for introducing yourself either personally or in a letter. Choose the most appropriate preposition.

Drafting a complaint - C1

One of my best friends suffered an accident one morning. This is a complaint to claim damages for his injuries. Insert the terms in the green box to the right place.

Fill the missing word in the expression - B2

The most frequently used expressions are listed in this exercise, with one word missing. Fill in the missing term.