A resource bank containing sample contracts and other documents organized around practice areas.

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Employment agreement


Sample employment contract 1


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Job Description

A document, often attached to the employment contract, which describes the specification of a job.

Information to employee


Notice of misconduct

A letter in which the employer informs the employee that his/her conduct has fallen short of the required standard.

Notice of temrination due to violation


Notice of temrination


Notice of termination for cause


Notice of termination by employee

The document in which the employee gives a notice of termination of the contractual relationship to the employer

Notice of termination due to downsizing


Acceptance of resignation

A document in which the employee acknowledge the resignation of the employee to take effect at the date specified in the document.

Notice of resignation from office


Notice of promotion

Document used to inform an employee that he/she has been promoted to a new position in an organization.

CV cover letter

A letter attached to a CV in which the employee justifies his/her aptitude and personal intentions to fill the position in question

Confirmation of interview attendance

A notice by a candiate to the employer's representative in charge of human resources of his/her intention to attend the planned interview.

Follow up on interview

A complimentary letter in which the parties make reference to a discussion between them., sent by either party to the other.

Rejection of job offer


Non circumvention contract


Non solicitation agreement


Manpower lease contract